Size Guide 

 We use US standard ring size chart because all our ring making tools are in US standard but not in Inches! All our other measurment tools are in metrics system ^^.

 Please mind your knuckle size if that part is thicker than the actual ring size you need. In that case, inevitably, you need to choose a size that could pass through your knuckle. If the design of the ring has wide band width, I would say more than 10mm, you may have to choose half size bigger than your usual size in order to feel comfortable wearing, because larger surface in contact with the skin creats more surface friction resistance.  

Oval Shape 

This is the oval shape/ratio that we use for Oval shape Bangles. 

Small size is between small and medium range. 

We still specify exact size on the product description. 

Also anything bigger than the medium size we will specify the detail on the description. 

This size is for oval bangle with closure. Round Bangles without the closure will be much bigger in diameter. 


Necklace length

For the chain necklace we use standard length which is 40~41 cm including the clasp for the shortest option. Other necklace length may vary due to each different designs, so we specify the detail on the product description. If you need any alteration on shortening, adding extensions or changing to a different type of chains please do not hesitate to contact us first. 

If you have any questions regarding your size and alteration Please feel free to contact via